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Dangerous situations

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Dangerous situations Empty Dangerous situations

Post by Mr007 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:27 pm

A quarter of runaways were at "high risk" of harm as they may be hurt, sleep rough or beg and steal to survive, but only 5% of runaways sought help from agencies such as the police and social services.

The report's authors said parents might not report runaway children as missing to the police because they knew where they were and felt they were safe - or might also reject police involvement, it said.

A "significant proportion" of young runaways had been told to leave home by their parents.

Children's Society chief executive Bob Reitemeier said: "We are deeply concerned that tens of thousands of children are still running from home or care.

"Huge numbers are putting themselves in very dangerous situations. One child in this situation is one child too many.

"Some children are so desperate that they steal, turn to drugs or alcohol or are abused by who groom them. Too often they are alone and desperate for help.

"Everybody has a part to play in making runaways safe."

The Department for Education said: "Runaways typically face very complex issues.

"Local authorities are responsible for targeted support for families with complex needs and young people at risk of substance misuse, youth crime and teenage pregnancies - which can be the root causes and consequences of running away."

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