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Is Occupy Wall Street bad for the American Dream?

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Is Occupy Wall Street bad for the American Dream? Empty Is Occupy Wall Street bad for the American Dream?

Post by Mr007 on Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:42 pm

By Kate Dailey BBC News
Occupy Wall Street protester at Zuccotti Park, 13 October 2011 Both Occupy Wall Street and their conservative critics each claim to representing American ideals
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Conservative groups responding to Occupy Wall Street argue that hard work, not protests, will bring people out of poverty. Is that true?

As the Occupy Wall Street movement has grown, more and more Americans are stepping up to share their stories and air their grievances.

But not everyone is angry at Wall Street. Conservative reaction to the movement has resulted in counter-protests and new memes, like conservative columnist Erick Erickson's new site, We Are The 53%.

The site is a reaction to We Are The 99 Percent, a website that allows citizens to upload photos of themselves holding a sign with their story - such as too much student debt, trouble getting a job, or no health insurance.

Contributors claim they stand in opposition to the 1% of Americans who control the majority of the country's wealth, as well as the big business and government systems they say allowed the economy to flounder.



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