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Occupy Oakland: Pre-dawn raid clears Frank Ogawa Plaza

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Occupy Oakland: Pre-dawn raid clears Frank Ogawa Plaza

Post by Mr007 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:09 pm


Police dismantle Oakland Occupy tents in Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza
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Police have shut down a camp set up by Occupy protesters in the California city of Oakland, dismantling tents and arresting 33 people.

Hundreds of protesters later marched back to Frank Ogawa Plaza and several said they would set up tents again.

A similar raid ended with police in riot gear arresting 50 people in Portland, Oregon on Sunday evening.

Police in a Vermont city have also evicted protesters after a man fatally shot himself last week inside a tent.

Business owners in New York meanwhile urged authorities to clear out the original Occupy Wall Street camp in that city.

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