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Complaint to police

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Complaint to police Empty Complaint to police

Post by Mr007 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:32 am

He followed royalty, celebrities and politicians, including former Norwich South MP and Home Secretary Charles Clarke and MP Tom Watson, a fierce critic of the now defunct newspaper.

The man who has spent years keeping people under surveillance said he firmly believes that police hacked his mobile phone.
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“Start Quote

...exactly how did Thames Valley Police get the core voicemail at the heart of this case...? ”

End Quote Gavin Shuker MP

He has spent 15 months pursuing a complaint against Thames Valley Police .

In 2007 he was arrested by police after officers accessed his voicemail messages.

One of the messages contained false allegations claiming he was linked to police corruption.

It led to his arrest and the arrest of a serving police officer from Hertfordshire. The case against them was eventually dropped.

Mr Webb said: "I would like to know how they obtained my voicemail message when they didn't have possession of my phone and there were only two options. One is the official intercept communication, the second is that Thames Valley illegally hacked my phone."

Had the police obtained a lawful interception warrant under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act they would have been restricted to using the voicemail information for intelligence gathering only.

They could not use it as grounds for an arrest.

Documents obtained by the BBC show that police contacted Orange to do a subscriber check on Mr Webb's telephone just 53 minutes before the voicemail they obtained for use as evidence. Detectives listened to the voicemail a month before the arrest.

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