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'Beneficial to all'

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'Beneficial to all' Empty 'Beneficial to all'

Post by Mr007 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:47 am

Mrs Stephens also said that if there were to be a review into S4C it shouldn't just be about structures but also about what the audience wants, calling for a "continuing dialogue with audiences" once the BBC takes over the funding.

Welsh heritage minister Alun Ffred Jones also gave evidence to the committee and he called for an extensive review to what has happened in S4C and into the best structure for the future.

Mr Thompson said that the level of funding from the licence fee after 2015 would come under intense scrutiny

He also criticised the current structure for not servicing the needs of the viewers, but admitted there were failures in the scrutiny of S4C, and said that looking back "everyone should have taken more interest".

Responding to questions about devolving broadcasting, Mr Jones said that to devolve S4C on its own "would not be beneficial", but that any transfer of responsibilties would have to be accompanied by a transfer of finances.

However, Mr Jones said it would be "beneficial to all" if there was a clearly defined role for the assembly government in any future scrutiny arrangement of S4C.

Adding that they have already indicated to the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) that they are willing to participate in any future discussions.

Mr Jones indicated that it would be "inevitable" that S4C would have to reduce its hours of programming, given the cuts in the budget.

He added that it was hard to think that this kind of cut would not have an on-screen effect.

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