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'Easy soundbite'

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'Easy soundbite' Empty 'Easy soundbite'

Post by Mr007 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:31 am

He told the BBC that Lumley's efforts had created "the perfect storm in a positive way".

Exploiting the "photo collateral" of a celebrity alongside ageing war-hardened veterans - many of them injured - she had also benefited from the anti-Gordon Brown "feeding frenzy" in the press.

He said the Gurkhas' underlying moral case had a "real resonance" with the public.

"It's an easy soundbite to say 'if they are prepared to die for a country, why can't they live here"," said Mr Phillips.

However, he said the campaign's effectiveness was no accident and that behind-the-scenes work by Kent-based Liberal Democrat Peter Carroll had been crucial.

"There was pretty ruthless planning that went on to ensure that Joanna Lumley chose her moment well," said Mr Phillips.

By the time of the Woolas clash, the momentum was behind Lumley, and public outrage at the government was aggravated by the minister's "slightly stumbling" response, he said.

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