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Polka Rastovic runs Crispins Wine Bar in Ealing with husband Alex

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Polka Rastovic runs Crispins Wine Bar in Ealing with husband Alex

Post by Mr007 on Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:24 pm

Business is running, but we're absolutely exhausted because when this happened we had to run around to organise everything to recover. We haven't had a day off since then.
Polka Rastovic Polka Rastovic is still waiting for her insurance to pay out

I can't afford to pay some of my staff here, and we're all working long hours.

We still haven't had any money from the insurance. We are fully insured but it takes ages to get it back.

We've had to spend thousands of pounds on repairing the shop front, and we were not able to replace all of the wine which was broken.

It is a struggle because we had to pay all of this out of our own pocket. The bank did offer some money interest free for six months but they asked for so much paperwork and I had no energy to fill it all in.

But some things are irreplaceable. We used to have a nice lampshade in the window but now there's just a bare bulb because I haven't had the time to buy a new shade.

But we are lucky because we have the advantage of having been here almost 30 years. Our customers have been very good and are very loyal so I am optimistic.

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